Featured Image for Monopoly Go! It features Rich Uncle Pennybags, walking with pride. His dog is walking beside him. There is a spotlight thrown on them while they are walking on a stage.

Celebrate The Holiday Season With The Monopoly Go Winter Update

Do you want to trade? A-ha! Scopely has dropped a festive-themed Monopoly Go Winter Update, and there can’t be a better way to start the holiday ‘gaming’ season! It has got new themed tokens, sticker packs, and more. The game hit the scene in April 2023 and currently reigns as the number 1 board game in the App Store. Excited to know more? Then, dive in for the details.

The Festive Update

Seasonal delights are surely coming your way this holiday! The first on the list of the holiday features is a new mini-game. Titled Moonlight Treasure, it will let you embark on a little mysterious adventure. Another co-op mini-game lets you build 90’s themed toys with other players and win rewards in return.

There will be a new Winter Village and a North Pole-themed board along with seasonal tokens. Oh, you can also collect and flaunt your seasonal spirit with a Holiday sticker album! They are also organizing tons of tournaments where you can win lots of in-game treats.

It’s free to play and has garnered over 1.6 million ratings on the App Store in just seven months! Amazing, right? So, go ahead, roll for the riches, and build your empire by downloading it from the App Store.

How Is Monopoly Go Different From Monopoly?

Well, apart from the fact that you play it on your phone with digital tokens, Monopoly Go is almost similar to your beloved childhood board game. Although you can play it with other players, it’s mostly a single-player game. So, instead of acquiring properties from others, you focus on building landmarks.

You earn cash for rolling doubles, passing GO, and landing on any property or railroads. There are five landmarks and each can be upgraded six times. The game has new challenges every day, even when it’s not under a festive spell.

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