Featured Image for Monster Hunter Now. It features a hunter about to slash a big monster. There is an orange concrete structure in the background.

Face More Beasts In The New Season Of Monster Hunter Now!

More monsters coming your way! Monster Hunter Now is rolling out a new season called ‘Filminations in the Frost’ starting December 7th. There’s going to be new monsters, weapons and more. Dive into the exciting details!

New Monsters To Hunt

The season will give the game a frosty makeover! Sharpen your blades and prepare to fight four new, strong monsters Banbaro, Barioth, Radobaan and Zinogre. There will also be two small monsters Cortos and Wulg sneaking up on you!

Exploring an icy landscape, you’ll acquire two new weapons. The Lance lets you jab at monsters from a distance, and the Dual Blades are perfect for slashing monsters creeping nearby. You can also carry more items now and rebalance your weapons more easily than before.

Ever Played Monster Hunter Now?

Developed by Niantic and Capcom, Monster Hunter Now was released in September this year. It’s been Niantics biggest launch since Pokémon Go and saw a whopping 10 million downloads in the first month. It’s an F2P action adventure where you hunt monsters along with fellow hunters.

Monster Hunter Now has a huge expandable map where you can spot all the monsters and goodies. There are different biomes which reset every three hours. You can jump between biomes to hunt monsters and collect materials.

You get weapons like swords, shields and bows with different stats and playstyles. Combat is tap-based and each hunt is limited to 75 seconds only. So, make sure you hunt as fast as you can. The game also offers rewards like First-Aid Meds and Potions to help you slash more monsters quickly. If you haven’t played the game yet, download it from the App Store and give it a try!

So, sharpen your blades to hack some monsters on the way. And, do check out our latest news on Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road.