Monster Hunter Stories+ is Coming to Apple Arcade

Adorable catch-’em-all RPG adventure Monster Hunter Stories is heading to Apple Arcade. It’ll be called Monster Hunter Stories+ and it’ll deliver all of the cutesy-wootsy monster hunting action of the regular version of the game.

Basically, you’re getting everything that Monster Hunter Stories has to offer, but you’ll be getting it as part of your monthly Apple Arcade subscription. That’s a pretty darn good deal if you ask us.

There’ll be multiplayer included, but you’ll only be able to play against people using Monster Hunter Stories+, not the standard iTunes release of the game, which is slightly annoying. Here’s a trailer.

We don’t have a solid release date for the game yet, but we can’t imagine it’s going to be too long before Apple Arcade players can get their hands on it. Its iTunes page lists it as coming soon, which is pretty soon.

We’ll keep you posted as and when we hear more about Monster Hunter Stories+, but as massive advocated of Apple Arcade, this looks like another awesome feather in the service’s cap to us.