Monster Hunter Stories+ is Out Now on Apple Arcade

The awesome and adorable RPG set in the Monster Hunter universe, Monster Hunter Stories has just landed on Apple Arcade. It’s really good, and you should definitely play it.

Unlike the beast-slaughtering main series, this one is a cuter take on the world of Monster Hunter. You’re running around collecting delightful versions of some of the monsters from the main games, and riding them around as well.

The game has already been out on iOS for a while as a premium release, and it is beloved by pretty much anyone who’s played it. And now you can get it as part of your Apple Arcade subscription.

Sure, it’s another + game on the service instead of a brand new release, but this is a massive and super engaging RPG that’s going to have you playing for hours. And there’s not much better than that, right?

You can grab Monster Hunter Stories + by clicking right here. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play it, obviously.