Monster Rancher 1&2 DX Out Now on the App Store

Classic monster wrangling duo Monster Rancher 1&2 have just landed on the App Store, giving you a chance to create some monsters, train them up and then battle them against other monsters. Both of the games have been tweaked to fit better with modern gaming sensibilities.

They both have auto-save and quick-fire social media sharing options. You can play them with Bluetooth controllers as well, if that’s the kind of thing that you’re into.

The game also offers the ability to download other players monsters and have a scrap with them, in order to prove that you’re the best monster rancher in the world. Who doesn’t want that accolade?

You can grab Monster Rancher 1 DX from the App Store by clicking here. It’ll set you back $15.99. You can pick up Monster Rancher 2 DX by smashing a click here. That one will cost you $22.99.

If you’re a savvy sort who wants to play both of the games, there’s a bundle available as well. Click here and you can buy both games for the bundle price of $29.99. That’s a saving of nearly ten bucks.