Monster Robot Studios Announce ‘Super HEAVY Sword’, a Sequel to Their Smash-Hit Platformer


I had absolutely no idea that Monster Robot Studios’ Mario Bros-esque retro platformer HEAVY – Sword wound up being such a huge hit, but get this — it’s racked up almost half a million downloads to date. Not bad for an indie game, not bad at all. It’s little wonder then that the folks at Monster Robot are hard at work on a sequel — entitled Super HEAVY Sword — which is set to arrive on the App Store next month.

We quite enjoyed HEAVY – Sword, so news of a sequel is welcome. Here’s a little snippet of what we had to say about the original game in our review: “HEAVY – Sword is a retro action game that bears much similarity to Super Mario Brothers, but it does have its own strengths, especially in weaponry and RPG-like upgrades. While this is hardly the best side-scrolling platformer for iOS, it still makes for some decent fun.

So okay, HEAVY – Sword wasn’t perfect, but from the sounds of it Super HEAVY Sword could well be! Monster Robot Studios’ Ash Jackson promises plenty of improvements and new features across the board, such as the game’s main character, Pike, having a lot more moves and abilities (long jump, ground pound, somersault, sword spin, wall kicks, etc). Ash also mentions a much larger gameworld, with tons of levels and way more scope for replayability.

Keep an eye out for Super HEAVY Sword when it launches this July. And, in the meantime, stay tuned to Monster Robot’s Twitter, flickr and Facebook accounts for more news.