Monster-Slayers Wanted for GoGame’s ‘Dragon Project’

If you’ve ever wanted to get deep into the monster-hunting grind, chasing hulking beasts across a fantasy landscape, right from your mobile device, look no further than GoGame’s Dragon Project. It’s an exciting new action multiplayer game where you’ll take on massive beasts on a quest to collect immensely powerful gear.

Dragon Project sets players in the midst of Heiland, a gorgeous fantasy land that has unfortunately been beset by swarms of monsters. It’s up to you to head out and defeat the beasts plaguing the land, and in return, you’ll receive helpful crafting materials. These items are key to creating better armor and weapons, allowing you to set forth and defeat even stronger monsters.

Players will delight in getting lost in goga’s addictive gameplay loop, and it’s made all the better thanks to the game’s impressive multiplayer component, allowing you to team up with friends to work together to take down particularly tough monsters.

Monster hunting is not without its challenges, but you’ll find that Dragon Project’s smooth controls and refined mechanics make it easy to hone your skills, thanks to developer COLOPL’s innovative one-touch controls. Dragon Project is also packaged with goWrap, a helpful feature granting players easy access to game FAQs, social media, and technical support.

If you’re ready to take up your sword and fight some monsters, you can find Dragon Project right now worldwide on the App Store.

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