Monster Squad Rush Strategy Guide – Catch Every Critter With These Tips and Tricks

Monster Squad Rush takes some of the ideas from Pokemon and shifts them into an auto-runner. You’re legging it down a track filled with obstacles, gems and balls. Grab the balls, throw them at beasts and get them to join your squad. Then, at the end of the level, there’s a scrap against another trainer waiting.

It’s an interesting idea, and while you can definitely pick up and play the game without too many problems, there are some concepts you’re going to have to nail down if you want to succeed every time. Which is why we’ve written this guide. You can use these strategies to catch ’em all, every single time you pick up the game.

Whether you’ve already bagged yourself a bunch of critters or you’re just about to set off on your first run, there’s going to be something here that’ll take your skills to the next level. So let’s do this – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Monster Squad Rush.

Gems are secondary

When you’re running down the levels, your focus should be on picking up the various balls – whether those are the ones you can use to capture monsters or the ones you use to power up various other gates. If it’s a choice between balls and gems, always go for the balls. You’ll end up with a more powerful team if you do, and the more powerful your team, the more gems you’ll earn come the end of the level.

Always be upgrading

You should always upgrade whenever you can. Whether that means spending your gems at the start of a run to increase your power, or heading through the gates that evolve your monsters. Do everything in your power to make yourself and your critters stronger and you’ll reap the rewards.

Your monsters can pick things up

The guys at Ghostwriter Facharbeit say the more monsters you have in your team, the wider you’re going to be on the track. You can use that to your advantage to grab more gems, balls and keys when they’re spread out. You need to be slightly careful not to drag your critters into obstacles, but using the full width of your team will reap rewards.

Get the best option

When you’ve got a choice between two gates, make sure you pick the one that gives the biggest benefit. That might mean getting the monster that costs more balls, or hitting the chest that contains the most gems. Take a moment to look at what’s on offer before you make your decision.

Tap hard

At the end of most levels you’re going to have to do some tapping. Usually you’re just filling up a bar, so you can tap quite leisurely and still get it done. In the boss fights, though, you’re going to want to hammer the screen as quickly as can to make sure you’re taking down the big bad. Use a couple of digits to finish the job quickly.