‘Monster Stacker’ Shatters Kickstarter Target


Do you know what the largest problem plaguing the evil overlord community, whose only ambition is to enact some quality domination upon the entire planet, is in this day and age? It seems that if you don’t move extremely fast, some pesky no good upstart hero will find your lair and wreck everything before you can finish setting up your giant doomsday weapon. That’s why any self respecting megalomaniacal villain always makes sure to stock his “Fortress of Doom” with tons of minions to impede the hero’s progress, and for professional monster delivery the only people in town worth calling are surely the fine folks at Monster Stacker!

screen3Monster Stacker has been described as an amalgamation of Tetris meets a physics puzzler, with player being tasked with stacking various block shaped monsters – all with special properties – as high as possible in order to get paid. The trick is that if you aren’t careful – and this is where the physics part comes into play – the entire tower is simply going to come crashing down on top of you, and the overlord most certainly isn’t going to pay for shoddy service. Things will be further complicated by the fact that each overlord’s lair has special properties that have to be taken into account, such as the ice volcano – yes, you read that right – where the player must deal with adding slippery ice blocks to the stack as well.

Anyways, the staff over at Fat Loot Games have been working on Monster Stacker for a while now and are happy to report that the game is – except for one little matter – almost entirely done. The catch is that their staff lacks a professional composer capable of creating an original soundtrack for the game, nor the money – especially before the title is released – to commission such a thing either. That’s where their Kickstarter to raise $3,000 in capital comes into play, which – impressively enough – is already successful even though the lion’s share of the funding period still remains.

If Monster Stacker ‘sounds interesting’ – of which it has now been guaranteed to do – there’s still time left to get in on the special backer rewards, such as exclusive Kickstarter only monsters and even the chance to design your very own block-creature.