‘MonsterMatic’ Nears Kickstarter Funding Goal


You’ve probably heard of 3D printers in the news lately, the wonder gadgets that let people with 3D design skills – and a whole lot of disposable cash – tangibly realize their own ideas. Unfortunately for most people with the desire to bring their own action figures to life, they lack either the 3D software sculpting talent – or the ability to purchase a 3D printer – required to get in on this action. Thankfully for the average person everywhere, Clayton Mitchell – Levi Alamanzar – and Mike Varnum are seeking to change all of this with their planned iOS app entitled Monstermatic.

kickstarter2_1Their proposed software claims to let people design their very own monster in 3D – using a variety of morphable body parts, textures, and props/accessories – and then afterwards pose it however they please. Users will even be able to play a selection of interactive augmented reality games, which is where a 3D image is added in real time to video footage, with their virtual monster. Finally – for a nominal fee – users of the app will be able to furthermore order a custom printed 3D figurine, allowing them to finally realize their dreams of creating their own (in)action figures.

The catch is that there’s still more work to be done fine-tuning the app, for instance: making sure various combinations of monster parts don’t cause anomalies to occur, and acquiring the needed 3D printer to start up the business isn’t cheap either. That’s where the enterprising trio’s Monstermatic Kickstarter project comes in, which – with only a week remaining – has already raised over 80% of it’s target funding goal set at $30,000. They have also promised – assuming excess funds are acquired – that they’ll work to ensure that the final product has even more body parts and props to build with, and even a fully functional facial expression editing suite.

So, assuming you’ve ever wanted a chance to create monsteriffic action figures – but felt that you lacked either the personal artistic abilities, or perhaps just the massive amount of disposable funds necessary – then Monstermatic might just be your ideal app.