Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 now free to download on iOS

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is temporarily free to download on iOS after previously having a price-tag of $3.99.

Start your engine

Proclaiming itself as the “ultimate race team strategy game,” MMM3 asks you to build up your own motorsport team – hiring drivers, tweaking your cars, and so on.

So rather than actively driving cars you have to make sure you give yourself the best chance to reach the chequered flag before the rest by carefully planning ahead. Even then there can be unpredictable pitfalls such as changing weather conditions.

As you might expect there are realms of options to pour over and 6 championships to compete in.

So if you fancy entering the racing fast lane – by, er, watching via the sidelines – check out Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 via the App Store now.