Move Over, Mario: Female-Led 16-bit Platformer ‘MARíA’ Funding Now on Kickstarter


María was a miner whom toiled endlessly in the kingdom’s mines in order to help ensure peace and prosperity for everyone, but one day that peace was interrupted when pirates absconded with the land’s ruler: King Bling. With the land’s leader removed, all of the magical treasures that he had previously created suddenly sprang to life — a very malice filled life — and began attacking people everywhere across the kingdom. Knowing that something had to be done, María took her pick in hand and charged forth to save King Bling before his various creations could tear apart the entire country that he had built.

3a942d9bd8d278ddbb7b37183469880d_largeThus goes the set up to María, a mobile title designed by Angel Duarte — starring a heroic female protagonist — that seeks to pay heavy tribute to the various 16-bit platforming titles found on the SNES. While much progress has already been made on María, Angel Duarte is currently faced with the reality of various costs that are involved in releasing a game on the iTunes Marketplace (such as the fact apps must be uploaded from a Mac). Angel Duarte has — to this end — started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $3,000, so as to cover the various costs involved with bringing a game like this to mobile gamers everywhere.

With María well on the way to full funding, thanks to a third of the project’s goal being secured in just two days, Angel Duarte has also erected stretch goals to further improve the experience. While the game currently plans for a staggering 50 levels, the listed stretch goals promise additional stages — and even new types of environments — should backers everywhere prove to be extra generous. Even further goals have promised things such as an authentic chip-tune soundtrack produced by experts in the field, which will furthermore be provided as a free download to any backers at the $35 level or higher.

f83de5166dc10ad465e06e1c3ce1690d_largeSpeaking of which, 35 dollars — due to the various complications involved in giving away games on the iTunes Marketplace — is the minimum pledge required in order to secure a day one copy of María on your iDevice of choice. Those seeking to pledge a lesser amount can still secure a DRM-free PC copy of the game — their name in the backer’s section of María’s credits — and even a voxel style figure of the hero, all for a mere $20. However — for those of you feeling extra generous — there also exists premium rewards such as: an “I Saved King Bling” T-Shirt, the chance to become an NPC in the game, and even a DRM-free copy — on a special María flash-drive — that you can take anywhere.

If this female-miner driven tale of 16-bit platforming heroics has piqued your interest, then be sure to remember that the Kickstarter for María has been set to expire on March 10th.