Inventive Puzzler ‘RGBy’ Finds Success on Kickstarter

Every year gamers obliterate tons of virtual bombs, collect billions of digital gems, quaff gaggles of pixelated potions, and even expend a nigh on infinite supply of polygonal bullets. However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself where all of this binary refuge goes once all of those gamers have finished their mission and moved on to whatever new title was just released? The fine folks over at Mozaco Games are certainly concerned with this dilemma, and it is to this end that they have declared their intentions to open up the RGBy recycling plant in order to ensure that no bit of data goes unsaved!

Talented engineers — in order to ensure that the RGBy plant receives as many volunteer workers as possible — have fashioned state of the art sorting technology, such that gamers can quickly and enjoyably sort every last reclaimed pixel. Of course, as this technology is still very new — and more than a bit experimental — gamers may have to occasionally think fast to prevent a catastrophe whenever the machines begin acting up. There might also be the occasional strange critter that finds themself attracted to the plant from time to time, drawn in by the intoxicating smell of all that reprocessed digital merchandise!


Of course — since reclaimed pixels sadly have no real world value — Mozaco Games was experiencing some trouble funding their latest venture, but those needs have thankfully been taken care of by a number of generous philanthropists. While Mozaco Games already intends for the RGBy reclamation plant to freely be accessible by anyone and everyone, there’s still some time — and rewards — left for those whom are interested. Still remaining rewards — for those seeking to advance digital recycling means — include: being listed in the game’s credits, stickers, t-shirts, shot glasses, original artwork, and more!

However — assuming you are interested in helping the RGBy Plant to achieve maximum reclamation potential — make sure that you act fast, as the already hired contractors will begin construction tomorrow.