Featured Image for our news on Mr. TRAFFIC update. It features a close-up of Mr. Traffic. The background is yellow with black musical notes and car icons floating in the air.

Crossy Road Like Game, Mr. Traffic Gets New Costumes In Latest Update

It’s a totally normal world. Honk the horn, tap the chicken, and cross the road. Mr. Traffic, the one-touch arcade game, has brought in exciting features with its latest update. Plus, they are dropping another major update next month. Keep reading to know more!

What’s the Update?

The Cosy Collection is the latest update with new costumes for Ted, aka, Mr. Traffic. You can unlock three new costumes, which are Meow Ted, the cat costume, Rainday Ted, and Walkies Ted. And there will be more unruly animal traffic now. The worst part? They will just keep pooping on the road until tapped. There will also be new missions for you to clear.

I hope this new collection is as good as their last one, the Spooky Collection which was released during Halloween. Conducting traffic was so fun with the skeletal and ghostly costumes of Ted. Oh, and they are also gearing up for a Big Holiday update on December 21st. Check out the game on the App Store, it’s fun I promise!

More About Mr. Traffic

It’s just another day in the life of a traffic officer, maintaining order on the road. And what’s on the road? Cars, animals, dinosaurs, aliens, and more! As Ted, you will stand in the middle of a busy intersection and conduct the traffic all day.

You’ll get vehicles and objects thrown on the screen from all four sides, so beware where you tap. The drivers are as insane as the other creatures and are always in a rush, making Ted’s life harder. Ted was a music producer before becoming a traffic conductor, so he brings a musical twist to the gameplay. You also get to explore thousands of costumes for him.

So, don a cat costume, put on your music-producing hat, and help cars avoid crashing. Also, check out our story on Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds events for Thanksgiving and Black Friday!