Multiple Fixes Soon Coming to Cthulhu Saves the World

When TinkerHouse Games recently ported Zeboyd Games’ famous PC parody RPG – Cthulhu Saves the World – to Apple’s array of iOS devices, there was at first cause for great excitement. The silly tale of a defeated lord Cthulhu trying to regain his powers by saving the world, only so that he could immediately destroy it thereafter, seemed an ideal fit for play on a portable platform.

Unfortunately, a series of odd design choices – and, worse yet, an aggressive crashing bug that could potentially occur each and every time the player entered a battle – only served to give customers who bought the game nothing but madness. I guess that was appropriate since Cthulhu himself declares in the game’s opening that he will share his madness with everyone he can, no matter what the consequences might be.

However, there is a beacon of light on the horizon as TinkerHouse Games has declared they will be releasing a patch that will resolve these crashing issues as soon as they can track down the source of the cause. But that’s not all, they will furthermore be overhauling the game to rectify each and every one of the odd design choices that made the game less than stellar to play even when it wasn’t crashing. While it was somewhat expected that an aggressive game crashing bug would get fixed, that they’re going the whole nine yards and tweaking up everything else as well is quite the pleasant surprise.

You can expect that iFanzine will have a full review of Cthulhu Saves the World sometime shortly after TinkerHouse Games releases their much anticipated upcoming patch.