Munkadoo Games’ Brilliant Physics-Puzzler ‘Bouncy Mouse HD’ Now Free!

Looking for a fun free game to keep you occupied over the weekend? Well, look no further than Eric Karl and Munkadoo Games’ utterly adorable physics-based actioner, Bouncy Mouse HD.

We thoroughly enjoyed Bouncy Mouse‘s blend of Angry Birds and Spidey Riley-esque gameplay when we took it for a whirl last year, and I really love this quote from Sean’s full review: “Bouncy Mouse is one of those games kids would love to play, if only they could pry it from their parents’ hands — cute, cuddly, and insane fun! If you generally enjoy action games with a heavy physics twist, you can’t go wrong here.”

Munkadoo Games have made both the HD iPad edition (App Store Link) and the iPhone/iPod Touch version (link) of Bouncy Mouse completely free. Great deals like this don’t tend to last long, so we recommend you pounce on this one quickly!