Murder Puzzler Slayaway Camp On Sale Right Now

We love games that do things differently here, and Slayaway Camp is definitely one of those. It’s a bloody puzzler that pays homage to the video nasties of the 80’s and sees you hacking and slashing your way through screaming teens and more.

And right now you can pick the game up for the ridiculously low price of just 99c. Quite frankly that’s an incredible deal, and if you haven’t played the game yet we’d highly recommend you take the time to check it out.

You’re playing a ghoulish masked murderer who’s out for revenge. You move around the levels spooking teens, avoiding cops and hacking people to death with a variety of weapons. It’s hilarious murder, though, not gritty and dark.

Slayaway Camp is one of the best puzzlers on the App Store, thanks in no small part to its charmingly gory aesthetic and the fact that it’s an awful lot of fun. Seriously, it’s hard not to butcher people here without a big grin on your face.

If you fancy picking the game up for it’s current low, low price, you can click here to download Slayaway Camp from the App Store right this second.