Music Challenge – Review

Q: What’s the best music trivia game in the Appstore?
A: Read on to find out.

Ahh…it’s nice to take a break from mindless violence once in a while. Much as I love slaughtering entire alien races on distant planets or smashing super-expensive sports cars to pieces, getting the old brain back in gear and tackling a quiz can be just as rewarding.

And when the game in question is as polished and downright fun to play as Redwind Software’s Music Challenge is, then all the better.

Powered by the impressive “Inquizitor Game Engine,” MC boasts a massive library of questions (over 3500 to be precise), intelligent technology that means you’ll rarely (if ever) encounter the same challenge twice, and a nice variety of game modes and other options; all accessible from a slick, TV game-show style interface (which, I might add, the screenshots really don’t do justice).
While MC is a fun single-player experience, given that questions come from a multitude of musical eras, stretching as far back as the sixties, it’s also the kind of game the whole family can enjoy. Resultantly multiplayer is a blast, the title truly coming to life during pass and play sessions that support up to 4 people.

My girlfriend, mum, brothers, and little sister all crowded around my iPod for a few rounds of MC, and they all enjoyed it equally! The diversity between questions – everything from Elvis to American Idol – means that all players are of equal standing; while controls are so easily grasped even your Grandad could play!

Other great features include the game being able to access your own music library, online leaderboards, and great sounds and graphics.

iFanzine Verdict: Good looks and brains! Music Challenge is one of the best pass and play party games yet for iDevice.

9 out of 10

If you’re more of a movie buff than a muso, why not try Movie Challenge (basically the same game, but with thousands of questions that’ll test your knowledge of all things Hollywood). It’s so good it deserves an Oscar nomination!