MVMG (Machine VS Machine Gun) – Out Now!

Killerstorm Studios’ good looking 3D sci-fi shoot ’em up has exploded onto the Appstore today with a tantalizing price tag of only $0.99! Set in a war ravaged future, the game puts the player in the boots of one man army Sgt. Jackson, and pits you against hordes of rebelling robots.

So far, so Terminator, but the man versus machine storyline is accompanied by bleeding edge graphics and fast paced third-person gameplay that looks to have a retro arcadey feel to it. The action is set across 8 varied environments, while there’s a multitude of different enemy types (including big bosses) to spray with hot lead from the upgradable titular weapon.

The developer promises easy to use touch controls and tactical play thanks to the shield system. The RPG inspired levelling-up feature should also give this shooter some added depth. Check out the gameplay video below and hit the buy it now link to kick some shiny metal ass!