The featured image for our My Hot Pot Story guide, featuring a waiter serving two customers at a table full of food in the restaurant.

My Hotpot Story Guide (2023)

Looking for some solid advice on getting started in My Hotpot Story? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a My Hotpot Story guide that will not only help you get started in the game, but give you good pointers to what you should do past the first stages.

My Hotpot Story is a mobile restaurant management game, and it’s currently #4 for casual on the App Store. This My Hotpot Story guide is perfect if you’re new to the game, and want to get an edge over your competing restaurant owners! You can find more information about the game on the game’s official Facebook page.

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My Hotpot Story Guide

We’ll now get into the guide. We’ve decided to split it up into a few sub-headings, to make reading the guide easier for you.

Recommended Tasks

In My Hotpot Story, the game gives you a helping hand by giving you a Recommended Tasks list. This list is an assortment of essential tasks that the game encourages you to do.

We understand that it can be easy to ignore mini-tutorials at the start of video games, as we just want to jump to the exciting moments. However, we recommend you stick to this list at first, as it will teach you the basics of the game.

Remember, you’ve got to walk before you can run!

Serving Customers

When you get customers, there’s a general process and routine that you’ll stick to.

After finding out what the customer’s order is, the meals will start cooking in the kitchen automatically. The meals themselves consist of broth (which is kept simmering in a pot) and dishes (which are made up from meat and vegetables).

The food will take a little while to prepare, naturally. Once they’re done, the broth and the dish will be served seperately to the customers. The broth is usually first, as it takes less time to prepare, however the meal will only start to be consumed when both parts have arrived at the table.

After the customer is done, you can serve them the bill, send them on their way, and get on with cleaning up.

Decorate The Outside

If you’re ever busy and new customers enter your restaurant, they’ll be asked to wait in a waiting area known as the Outside. The idea is that you’re able to finish up whatever task you’re doing and then tend to the new customer.

The problem is that customers only have so much patience, and if they’re kept waiting for too long, they’ll leave. While you’re not penalised for this, it’s a shame that you’ve lost a new customer. Fortunately, there’s a way you can keep their interest for a little longer…

Adding furniture and decorations to the Outside area will increase the waiting customers patience, buying you some extra time. It’s not much, but it might just be enough for you to finish your task and get back to them in time!

Up Your Ratings

In My Hotpot Story, there’s three different categories that your restaurant is rated in. These are Facility, Service, and Food. You’ll want to keep all of these as high as possible, as it means you’ll attract customers easier, resulting in bigger profits.

Facility rating is based around the furniture that you have in the different rooms of your restaurant. Having nicer furniture, along with having high quantities of it, will increase this rating.

Food rating is based around – you guessed it – the quality of your food. You can increase this rating by coming up with new dishes or by keeping existing dishes upgraded.

Service rating is based around your employees. It goes without saying that you’ll have to hire employees in order to run a restaurant, but you should hire a fair amount so that you’re never understaffed. Employing staff will increase your service rating.

Redeem Codes

If you didn’t know, there’s freebies up for grabs for Hotpot Story! The studio releases codes every month or so, and you can redeem them in-game in exchange for freebies. They’re a nice way to get a little top-up for your restaurant. They might become helpful when business becomes dry, so definitely give them a shot. The developer usually releases the codes on the game’s official Facebook page.