Featured Image for My Little Blood Cult. It features the Alchemist in his classic mask and black robe.

Ridiculous Fishing-Style New Game, My Little Blood Cult Is *Scary*

Oh hoho, it looks like we have ourselves a big one! My Little Blood Cult *Scary* is the latest fishing game launched on iOS. It’s full of skulls and well, blood. Developed by Dillo Games, it’s free to play with in-app purchases like chests of gold, the in-game currency and unholy bundles containing vials and offerings.

Ready To Go Fishing?

It’s *Scary*! My Little Blood Cult is a fishing game where you fish for demons, monsters and everything in between in a pit. There is an Alchemist, the leader of the cult and his two assistants, the bearded Angler and the Human Resources (literally!). The Human Resources is so busy collecting blood vials all the time that she has blood rouge on her cheekbones! Or, is that her blusher?

So, it’s just another day at the Little Blood Cult Church. You go on spooky fishing expeditions, uncovering the secrets of the blood cult and learning the art of capturing demons. To stay in the game, keep feeding your collection and collect unique trophies like jars of skin bottles, sharp teeth, bubbling ectoplasm, deer antlers, and more.

A lot is going down in the pit, so you get to explore the endless underworld. Although you never know what you catch, you can refer to the four unholy guidebooks Liber Mortuorum, Liber Sanguinis, Paginae Pestilentiae and Liber Famalorum.

You can unlock various upgrades like acid chair, acid spirit rod and blackout chair. Creating a blood vial takes up to 5 minutes or 50 coins. But you can only own three at a time. Bummer, right? If you fail to catch anything during a cast, you can’t cast again until the timer runs out. 

The art style of the collectible creatures is quite winsome. The game has certain cutesy elements, such as blurring the “shocking content” for our sensitive eyes when blood vials are being created. So, get the game from the App Store and give it a try.

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