‘My Party Quiz’ Review: A Party for Your Brain!

I don’t have kids yet, but if I did, I reckon My Party Quiz (out now, free) is exactly the kind of thing I’d want them to play. It’s a fun and challenging ‘edutainment’ app that features four brain training mini-games: 1) “Math,” a math-based puzzler; 2) “Words,” a word search type game; 3) “Memory,” an emoji-fied take on the card matching classic Concentration; and 4) “Melody,” a tricky test of your melodic dictation skills.

When you initially fire up My Party Quiz, all of the games are available to play straight away. However, each can only be played five times before you reach your free limit and a timer begins to count down. You have the option of waiting out the timer, or using the app’s in-game currency (tokens) to instantly buy an extra game round. Tokens can be earned through gameplay and/or bought with IAPs.


The mini-games themselves are very well designed, both accessible enough for kids yet challenging enough for adults. But personally I enjoyed “Words” and “Memory” much more than the other two — not that they’re better or more fun per se; it’s just that math has always been my Achilles’ heel, and it turns out I’m pretty tone deaf too!

Everyone who tries My Party Quiz will likely have a different favorite of the four games on offer, but what won’t be up for debate is just how great it all looks (being developed with Unreal Engine 4 makes for some gorgeously slick presentation). For a free game, it’s also surprisingly fully featured, boasting 3 difficulty levels for each of its mini-games as well as local and Game Center leaderboards and achievements.


My Party Quiz is a gorgeously made collection of brain training mini-games that will appeal to kids and adults alike. Highly recommended. 

Four fun games in one
Accessible yet challenging
Gorgeously slick presentation
Timers can be a little irritating