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My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide

On the hunt for a My Singing Monsters breeding guide? Look no further. We’ve combined player knowledge and our own personal experience playing the game to create this comprehensive guide. Use this guide to help you learn the ropes of My Singing Monsters breeding – including the basics!

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My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide

Breeding – The Basics

Firstly, let’s discuss how to breed monsters in the first place.

  • Choose 2 monsters of different species (they must be level 4 and above) in the Breeding Structure
  • A new type of monster will be created, and will have elements from the 2 base monsters
  • If you use 2 monsters that share the same elements, you will not create a new monster – you’ll create a duplicate of one of the parent monsters
  • However, there can be Double Element monsters
  • To increase your chances of obtaining a brand new monster type, you can light Wishing Torches – also, the higher the parent levels are, the better chance!
  • The best way to get the rarer monsters is to experiment!

The Monsters


  • To create a Triple Element monster, you need to use one parent with Double Elements, and another with a Single Element
  • If you wish to create a Quad Element monster, it’s best to use a Triple and Single rather than 2 Double Element monsters


  • Rare monsters are harder to get as they are only available for certain periods of time
  • Epic Monsters are harder to get compared to Rare monsters, and they are also available for a limited amount of time – you also can’t use Epic monsters when breeding
  • Seasonal monsters are only available during Seasonal Events, or other special events
  • Ethereals are special monsters that can be obtained per island – every Natural Island has 1 Ethereal, and can be bred with 1 Triple monster and 1 Single monster
  • Shugafam is only breedable on Plant Island, and can be bred by Clamble and Bogwart
  • Mythical Monsters are arguably one of the rarest types to obtain
  • Some monsters cannot be bred, and must be bought from the Market
  • You can utilise duplicate monsters in future breeding


  • New Rare monsters are usually available for 5 days during weekend deals or seasonal events
  • Epic monsters are available for a week during their run time – they usually return in Epic ReRuns
  • Seasonal monsters are available during a seasonal event, and sometimes an anniversary event

List of Monsters

  • Natural Monsters
  • Fire Monsters
  • Magical Monsters
  • Seasonal Monsters
  • Ethereal Monsters
  • Supernatural Monsters
  • Legendary Monsters
  • Mythical Monsters
  • Celestials
  • Dipsters
  • Prismatic Monsters
  • Quint Element Monsters
  • Quad Element Monsters
  • Trip Element Monsters
  • Double Element Monsters
  • Single Element Monsters
  • Shugafam
  • Wublins
  • Wubbox

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