feature image for our my singing monsters crescendo moon guide, the image features the rare seasonal monster carillong as well as the special island skin for the crescendo moon event

My Singing Monsters Crescendo Moon Guide

On the hunt for a My Singing Monsters Crescendo Moon guide? You’ve come to the right place! We created this guide to help you learn about the Crescendo Moon event. Obtain your very own seasonal Carillong, and admire the decorations on Magical Sanctum.

My Singing Monsters is a beloved staple in the mobile gaming world. Collect and breed a variety of musical monsters from a wide range of islands! Progress through the game to unlock more environments, and discover a plethora of special elements.

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My Singing Monsters Crescendo Moon

Let’s go over the basics of what the Crescendo Moon is.

What is Crescendo Moon?

Crescendo Moon is a seasonal element in the game, My Singing Monsters. This means that it’s only available for a certain period of time! During Crescendo Moon, the Carillong monster will visit your Magical Sanctum island – this makes it the perfect opportunity to grab Carillong while you can. The event itself celebrates New Years and Lunar/Chinese New Year.

You’ll also notice that your Magical Sanctum island will have a vibrant appearance during the Crescendo Moon period. This special skin decorates the island with bright red flowers, lanterns, and more! Even the island obstacles get a makeover. While the skin is free during the event period, you can actually purchase the skin for yourself with Diamonds. 

How Long is the Crescendo Moon Event?

Sadly, the My Singing Monsters Crescendo Moon event doesn’t last that long. As of 2023, the current run time is between January 18 and January 30. Dates may vary for other years, but the event  will usually land around this time. 
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