feature image for our my singing monsters magical sanctum guide, the image features half of a screenshot of the magical sanctum island, as well as half of the seasonal event for the island covered in large red flowers and lanterns

My Singing Monsters Magical Sanctum Guide – The Basics

On the hunt for a My Singing Monsters Magical Sanctum guide? Look no further. We’ve combined player knowledge and our own personal experience playing the game to create this comprehensive guide.

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My Singing Monsters Magical Sanctum Guide

Recently unlocked Magical Sanctum? Let’s go over the basics.


  • Psychic
  • Bone
  • Light
  • Faerie
  • Crescendo Moon

What is Magical Sanctum?

  • Magical Sanctum is available at level 9.
  • Type: Magical
  • Teleporting Island
  • Requirement: Fire Haven (Island)
  • Cost: Free

Special Monsters

  • Quad: Enchantling
  • Seasonal: Carillon

Special Decorations/Structures

  • Wishing Torch

Crystalline Castles

  • Normal: Krystillium Castle
  • Polished: Polished Krystillium Castle
  • Carved: Carved Krystillium Castle


  • Maximum: 180
  • Full Collection: 35
  • Full Song: 33

How to Unlock Magical Sanctum

You can unlock Magical Sanctum after you obtain the Fire Haven island. You can obtain Fire Haven by spending 500,000 coins after you unlock Earth Island!

What is Magical Sanctum?

  • Magical Sanctum is the last Magical Island available in the game at the moment, and it features magical hybrids of all magical elements
  • 19 different monsters reside on this island! 
  • Single-element Magicals teleport to Magical Sanctum once they reach level 15
  • Every monster on Magical Sanctum produces shards instead of coins

The Song of Magical Sanctum

  • The speed is 90 beats per minute (BPM)
  • E Minor
  • Floot Fly plays the pan flute, Xyster plays the guzheng, G’day plays the didgeridoo, and Larvaluss plays the koto

Magical Sanctum Monster List

  • Theremind -Psychic
  • Clackula – Bone
  • Fluoress – Light
  • Floot Fly – Faerie
  • Xyster – Psychic and Bone
  • Cahoot – Psychic and Light
  • Deja-Jin – Psychic and Faerie
  • Roarick – Bone and Light
  • Osstax – Bone and Faerie
  • Knucklehead – Light and Faerie
  • G’day – Psychic, Bone, and Light
  • Larvaluss – Psychic, Bone, and Faerie
  • Frondley – Psychic, Light, and Faerie
  • Mushaboom – Bone, Light, and Faerie
  • Enchantling – Psychic, Bone, Light, and Faerie
  • Carillong – Seasonal
  • Rare Theremind – Rare Psychic 
  • Rare Floot Fly – Rare Faerie 
  • Rare Xyster – Rare Psychic, and Bone 

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