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My Singing Monsters Xyster Guide

Searching for help in My Singing Monsters? Aching for that elusive Xyster? Look no further. Our My Singing Monsters Xyster guide covers all of the information you need to know. We keep this guide up to date, so make sure to bookmark this page so you never miss out

My Singing Monsters gives you the chance to adopt your own creature from a selection of hundreds of different strange species. Raise them, make music with them, and even breed them together to create all-new hybrids. Want too find you more? Check out the official website.

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My Singing Monsters Xyster Guide

So, let’s kick off the guide and cover any questions you might have about this monster.

About Xyster

Xyster is a magical monster that’s exclusive to the Magical Sanctum island. It has a double element. The creature’s horns allow it to read the thoughts of nearby creatures. It bares a strange resemblance to the Ghazt, despite coming from different islands.

Xyster Breeding Guide

You can breed a Xyster by combining monsters with Psychic and Bone elements. The best combination is as follows

  • Clackula + Theremind

You can also breed existing Xysters with Enchantlings and have a good chance of getting another Xyster.

Xyster Likes

Keeping your monsters happy is always a good idea, and they thrive when placed near monsters they like.

For Xyster, these are their preferred neighbors:

  • Clackula
  • Eerie Remains
  • Guitree
  • Jarhead

About The Game

My Singing Monsters is a musical monster-collecting game for iOS, PC and Android. You’ll be in charge of assembling your own creepy chorus of tuneful beasties. You’ll need to keep them happy to make the most out of them, but once you know what they love the possibilities are endless. There are many islands to explore and tons of monsters to find.