It’s No Mystery Why the ‘Jenny LeClue’ Kickstarter Is Doing so Well — This Game Looks Amazing!


Jenny LeClue — a brilliant and fiercely independent young woman — was easily the world’s next greatest aspiring detective, or at least she might be if there was ever anything worth solving in her home town. The idyllic campus town of Arthurton — centered around Gumboldt University — is a place where not much of anything ever really happens, a situation that has currently left poor Jenny practically dying from boredom. That is until one day when her mom — whom teaches Criminology at the local University — is suddenly the primary suspect for the untimely demise of Dean Strausberry, a portly man well-known for shaking hands and kissing babies all over town.

thumbnail_oNot willing to accept that her mother was actually responsible for the Dean’s shocking murder, Jenny LeClue immediately embarks on the greatest case of her life yet — in the process avoiding the town sheriff — all so that she can restore Julie LeClue’s good name. What the young heroine slowly begins to discover is that Arthurton was perhaps never the innocent town she originally thought it was, as she begins to delve into the town’s strange and twisted secrets. Along the way — as she explores a mystery inspired by tales such as Twin Peaks — she’ll have to deal with issues of family, loss, identity, insecurity, and redemption where the lines between right and wrong are not always crystal clear.

But as the player journeys through Jenny’s 2D Graphic Adventure — which the game’s developer, Mografi, claims will permit players to interact with absolutely everything they can see — they will explore not just the entire town of Arthurton, but also the tale’s author. Arthur K. Finkelstein — in a meta-literary twist — is the author writing Jenny LeClue’s tale as the player progresses through the game, and will often narrate information about each scenario himself. Not only will decisions made by the player have an impact on the course of Jenny’s personal mission to prove her mom’s innocence, but they will furthermore have an affect what is going on in the author’s personal plotline as well.

However, Mografi — whom previously Kickstarted the original short animated film: FATHOMS — will not be able to complete their envisioned plans for a three-part story arc without some financial backing. To this end they have requested the $65,000 needed in order to realize the first episode of their heavily stylized graphic adventure series, promised to be utterly filled to the brim with mystery — danger — and greatly dark secrets. So far the public’s reaction has been largely positive — with the game securing $60,000 of its minimum funding requirements within just the first sixteen days — but this ultimately still leaves much work to be done, especially for things such as voice acting stretch goals.

thumbnail_oIf you’re willing to help Jenny LeClue not only exist — but also be all that it can be — then you can currently secure a launch copy of Mografi’s graphic adventure on the PC for just $15, with an iOS edition confirmed to begin development shortly after this releases. Furthermore, should stretch goals be reached in order to fund the entire game series up front — rather than later chapters being paid for by sales of the first episode — then anyone whom backs the Jenny LeClue Kickstarter will also receive those later chapters as well. Finally — for those extra eager to help fund Jenny’s exploration of Arthurton’s darker secrets — additional rewards include: early Beta Tester access, a Jenny LeClue survival kit, a tote bag, an art book, or even the chance to become an actual in-game town citizen.

Therefore those currently intrigued by Mografi’s stylish graphic adventure game — complete with promises of meta-literary twists and intrigue — should be sure to chip in their donations before August 21st, after which it will be much too late for Julie LeClue.