Super Intriguing Visual Novel ‘Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons’ Destined for iOS

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Sometimes you don’t truly understand what a bad day really is until the shit hits the proverbial fan at mach nine, and this was pretty much the case for one Tsubasa Fujimoto. She thought her life was stressful enough with non-stop studying, so she could eventually take over her father’s business, but life suddenly took a change for the extra bizarre when her mother showed Fujimoto her ancestral home. The girl learns that she wasn’t ever born, but instead was a homunculus — created through advanced alchemical techniques — for the explicit purpose of inheriting her so-called mother’s vast sorceress capabilities.

After inheriting her mothers powers — along with a curse of immortality — Fujimoto quickly goes on to discover that her school, where she thought she would just be studying up on economics, actually has a secret half specifically catering to supernatural abilities. As she begins studying there, with many students whom she quickly discovers aren’t even actually human at all, Fujimoto’s life gets shaken up even more when news breaks out of a dark threat looming ominously on the horizon. Her instructors inform her that — until she has a firm grasp on her new powers — she’ll have to partner up with someone for mutual protection, and that’s where her five possible options truly come into play.


Thus goes the setup to Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons, a recent Visual Novel project proposed by Star Maiden Games to Kickstarter’s vast community of backers. People must have quickly taken to what they saw, as the game’s request for $2,000 — which sought to hire a programmer to help assemble Star Maiden’s game — was quickly met by Kickstarter’s gracious community. With over $2,500 currently raised so far, and twenty entire days still remaining, Star Maiden Games currently hopes to knock out as many of their stretch goals as possible (but the game is definitely already coming to iOS).

Those currently wondering if they should help back Mystic Destinies can currently check out the freely available demo, and afterwards — if they like what they saw — have their name appear in the game’s credits for as little as $1. As the developers plan to eventually sell each of the game’s five major paths as separate DLC options, there are different backer packages — for varying story-path amounts — all beginning as low as just $10. Meanwhile — for those whom seek even more perks — additional backer rewards include: digital copies of the game’s soundtrack, miniature figurines, walkthrough guides, physical art books, and even the chance to help design a sixth option for the game!

However — should you now find yourself intrigued — it’s imperative that you chip in your donations before October 7th rolls around, or else Fujimoto’s school won’t have the funds required to properly prepare her for the oncoming darkness.