Mythic Heroes Idle RPG

Mythic Heroes Idle RPG Guide: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Published by IGG, Mythic Heroes Idle RPG is a fantastic RPG title to fritter away time if you’re pretty interested in the mythology of Gods and warriors. The game lore revolves around the dark forces threatening the world’s fate. Your primary objective is to join the war against the shadow and maintain peace in the world.

When you embark on this action adventurous journey, you have to deploy a party of unique Gods and Heroes to create a crew of elite warriors. As with other RPGs, you can upgrade their abilities, gears, skills, and weapons to combat the toughest enemies. If you’re a beginner, we recommend this Mythic Heroes Idle RPG guide to learn the game’s basic mechanics, characters, and progression system.

Recruit the Best Heroes

Mythic Heroes Idle RPG characters
Image source: IGG

As with most RPG titles, Mythic Heroes Idle RPG features rerolling system through which you can recruit characters known as Heroes. If you weren’t aware, rerolling is the process through which players can summon Gods and Elite Heroes at the beginning of the game.

Depending on which hero you summon, you can recruit any character during this initial stage. Therefore, we strongly suggest players pull the best heroes at the beginning, giving them an enormous boost while progressing through the lore. Some of the best characters to start with in Mythic Heroes Idle RPG are Ganjiang and Moye [SSR], Lucifer [UR], and Nuwa [UR].

Understanding the Heroes Type and Faction

Different Types of heroes in Mythic Idle RPG
Image source: IGG

Characters in Mythic Heroes Idle RPG are classified into four different types that define their primary purpose during the battle:

  • Fighter: This group of heroes deals massive damage to the enemies.
  • Tanker: The primary task of this class is to defend their allies by incurring the damage.
  • Mage: Represented by purple color, Mage is a group of magical characters that deal damage with their mysterious skills.
  • Support: As the class name suggests, they are meant to support their teammates.

On top of that, there are currently 4 Factions in Mythic Heroes: Luminarch, Shadowarch, Verdian, and Guardian.

Ascending Heroes

Upgrading heroes in Mythic Heroes Idle RPG
Image source: IGG

Ascending is a vital part of role-playing games, and Mythic Heroes Idle RPG is no different. After upgrading your characters, you can significantly increase their strength and abilities, including their Health, Attack, Defense, and more. Therefore, ascending the right heroes, in the beginning, is as essential as rolling the best characters. To do that, navigate to the Heroes menu in the game and use the Ascend and Enhance option.

Collect Rewards from Daily Challenges

Daily challenges provides free rewards
Image source: IGG

Completing daily challenges is one of the most lucrative ways to farm in-game currencies of Mythic Heroes Idle RPG. The game tasks you with fairly straightforward missions that you can complete in a few minutes. In return, these missions reward you with currencies like diamonds and gold. Besides this, focus on completing achievements to farm more resources.

Get Friendship Points

Making friends in the game
Image source: IGG

Friendship Points in Mythic Heroes Idle RPG can be used in the Summoner Sanctum to summon more Heroes in the game. The best way to make new friends is by roaming around in the global chat. Join the Global Chat and start adding players as Friends so that you can start sending and receiving Friendship Points. Apart from this, you can also use this feature to join guilds.