“Name Your Price” to Download the Brilliant ‘Slayin – Original Soundrack’ from Bandcamp

slayin-soundtrack-cover-290x290If, like us, you reckoned Matt “Norrin_Radd” Creamer’s 8-bit inspired chip tune soundtrack was one of the (many) high points of FDG Entertainment and Pixel Licker’s recently released retro action RPG Slayin (our review), you’ll be pleased to hear it’s now available to stream and/or download in its entirety from Bandcamp.

To wrap your listening gear around the utterly infectious 24-track album free-of-charge, simply swing by Matt’s Bandcamp page. Then if you fancy owning a copy yourself — and supporting this talented up-and-coming composer to boot — you can “name your price” to download it. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal, eh?

Slayin is available now from the App Store for only 99¢, and comes highly recommended to fans of old school arcade style games.

Source: AppAddict.net