‘Nature Hater’ Kickstarter Campaign Launched


Nick Thomas and Adam Comiskey have recently envisioned an adventure starring a curmudgeonly antihero by the name of Dean, who has a serious bone to pick with all of creation. I could try to explain just what exactly is grinding this angry platypus’s gears, but I think the game’s creators have already put it best:

The game follows Dean, a bitter, buck passing, grudge bearer who blames nature for his lot in life. He looks around the world and sees beauty in the design of all living things… all living things except the platypus. He hates what he is, he hates that he is an egg laying mammal with no nipples. He hates what nature has done to him and nature has got to pay.

unnamedThus begins Dean’s mission to smash everything he finds: wildlife, random people on the streets, the satellites of people trying to watch football, weed farms belonging to hippies, etc. All of this is part of his ‘master plan’ to lure out the grand source responsible for everyone but him being special (at least in how he sees things): God, the creator of the universe itself. The actual journey will play out as an old school arcade style shooter, with Dean rapid-fire throwing his eggs — or whatever else may be handy — at all that would dare to halt his rampage.

While Adam and Nick have already spent much time on their project — entitled Nature Hater — resulting in a currently free Android demo, their forward progress has so far been stymied by things such as paying the rent. To this end the duo has recently raised a Kickstarter to secure £2,500 in funds, with which they can finish Dean’s journey sans money problems grinding their progress into oblivion. While their currently sought amount will greatly aid them in finishing their Android demo, they have furthermore promised to develop Nature Hater for the iOS if their £5,500 stretch goal is reached.

95bfd84e122056c07cace59c8e8041dc_largeAnyone who wants to find out if Dean can complete his mission — and especially if they desire to see Nature Hater’s later stretch goals reached — can currently back the project for a single pound, which will secure their own copy. The special part about backing the project in this manner is that while the final game will initially be released for free, much of the title’s content will have to be unlocked through IAPs. However, anyone who backs Nature Hater’s Kickstarter will receive all of the game’s stages — including expanded material from later stretch goals — for absolutely no extra charge.

Those who feel even more generous can secure things such as Dean cell phone charms, Nature Hater T-Shirts and Hoodies, original mounted sketches of the antihero, sculptures of the curmudgeonly platypus, and more. While they have so far raised nearly half of their total, with over twenty days remaining, the duo will definitely need some generous backers to show up if their many gameplay expanding goals are to be conquered. Those interested in getting in on Nature Hater at the ground floor — either for a single pound, or for some larger amount — should keep in mind that the Kickstarter ends on February 12th.