Need For Speed

Here’s What We Know About The Upcoming Need For Speed Title!

The last time we checked Need for Speed was getting a new version for mobile. And now, we have some pretty interesting deets about this upcoming NFS title. Recent announcements from the game’s Chinese version producer have revealed that it’ll be an unparalleled racing experience. Keep reading to find out more!

There’s A Need For Speed

Fast and furious, Need for Speed Mobile will have up to 40-player races. The title aims to provide a realistic feel with a 24-hour day-night cycle. So, you can race under different lighting conditions, from bright sunshine to the challenges of the dark. Prep for extra challenges with the weather and seasonal changes, including rain-soaked tracks and snow-covered roads.

Iconic vehicles, such as the GTR Skyline, will make their appearance so that you get a chance to race with classic cars from the franchise. You can flaunt your skills through in-game challenges and snag awesome rewards such as free vehicles, including classic cars.

Need for Speed Mobile will have an engaging original storyline, reminiscent of the acclaimed NFS Most Wanted. While there has been no news about an exact global release date, Need for Speed Mobile China version will undergo testing throughout 2024. So, you can expect a potential launch by the end of the year.

Ever Played NFS?

Need for Speed is a well-known racing game series. The first game in the series dropped over 25 years ago. After a four-year hiatus, Need for Speed finally returned with Need for Speed Unbound in 2022. It’s a stylized take on the open-world street racing formula. If you want to try the game out, check out the official website of the game.

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