Featured Image for our news on NetEase Games new trailer of a new game Jiuji: Qifeng Journey. It features one of the playable characters wearing a turquoise blue outfit. She has long turquoise blue hair as well.

NetEase Games Drops New Trailer For A New Gacha Game

NetEase Games released the trailer of a new gacha game. NetEase Games is known for games like LifeAfter and Onmyoji Arena. Keep reading to know more.

Jiuji: Qifeng Journey

Yes, that’s the name of the game! It’s a fantasy adventure game based on the Jiuji IP, an original IP that consists of novels, games, and animations. The trailer features dragons flying above a mythical land named Jiuji that looks like an ancient Chinese village. Take a look at the trailer on the official Bilibili page of NetEase Games.

So, the story goes like this. There will be three major settings. The Repulsion Ring is a powerful,  floating mass of land that can hold up many large structures. One of those structures is the Qixia Castle which has many scholars researching advanced technology. On the other hand, in another corner of Jiuji is the Kongsang village, which has naïve and traditional people with a firm belief in the Dream God.  

The third setting is at the northern end of Jiuji. Imane, the Snow Country, witnesses snow and heavy wind all year round. The people here coexist with wild beasts. The three worlds will meet at a time when human survival is in crisis. And, you will become a Pioneer, and slash the winds, find the truth, fight the enemies and collect the moon crown to save humanity.

The game will have characters like Biro, the Spirit Hunting Guard. She hides in the dark and silently protects the people of Jiuji. It will have both PvP and PvE experiences. We don’t know any more about the game yet. The trailer seems heavily inspired by Genshin Impact. NetEase Games is still testing the game out, so the release date hasn’t been set either. We’ll keep an eye out for more info on the game. Meanwhile, check out our story on another RPG, Tower of Fantasy.