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Netflix Games Is Dropping Sonic Media Plus On Mobile In 2024, And Then Some!

As the year nears its end, everyone is gearing up for their 2024 resolutions. Some are looking to cut down on caffeine, while others have more screen time on their list. Err… more or lesser? Well, if your resolution involves less screen time, I doubt it’ll last beyond a month or two. Why? Because Netflix just dropped the news about what’s hitting your screens in 2024, and it’s not just binge-worthy shows. It’s a slew of new Netflix Games, and guess what’s on the list? Sonic Mania Plus!

Sonic Mania Plus And More!

First on the roster is Sonic Mania Plus. Yes, now you can get the console experience in your pocket! The game will make its mobile debut exclusively with the streaming service. So, take the blue speedster and go on an expedition fighting new bosses and encountering new twists.

And then, there’s Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit, the sequel to the popular life-sim game, Cozy Grove. So, become a Spirit Scout and help animal apparitions on the spooky island. Next up is FashionVerse which lets you flaunt your outfits and express your style. The USP of the game will be its photorealistic 3D rendering.

Another title in development is Game Dev Tycoon, where you can step into the shoes of a gaming company owner and run the company. Your missions will include adapting popular movies and series into games and marketing them. Black Mirror, anyone?

Netflix Games have plenty more titles in their pipeline. Dive into some action with the RPG Hades, or dive into an interactive world and join the crew of Money Heist in Money Heist: Ultimate Choice. The latter is just around the corner, releasing on January 4th. There’s another one in the making based on the universe of Squid Game. So, get ready to play and win or just die!

All the Netflix Games come bundled with your Netflix subscription without ads, in-app purchases or additional charges. They are available on the standard app for both iOS and Android. With over 86 games slated by the end of 2023, Netflix Games is surely staking its claim in the gaming world. If you want the full lineup of Netflix Games 2024, then head to their official website.

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