Neural Cloud Eos

Neural Cloud Eos Announced For The Global Version Of The Game!

Well, I have to admit, it got me twice! The first time was last year around May when they first dropped Eos for the Chinese version of the game. And nope, it’s not what you’re thinking! It’s not the end of service, instead, it’s a new character called Eos. Keep reading to know more about Neural Cloud Eos!

Who’s Neural Cloud Eos?

Eos is now making her grand entry into the global version of Neural Cloud. She’s part of the Sanctifiers, and she’s not tied to the usual in-game factories, just like Clukay. Eos is also one of the rare ones called an Agent instead of a Doll, joining others like Hannah and Turing.

Her name has been derived from the Greek word ‘eos’ which means dawn. She’s got a knack for crunching numbers and moving data around super fast. And on top of that, she’s equipped with some of the most intricate emotional systems. Her main job is to lead and help other Sanctifiers in a fight and keep their info up to date.

Ever Played It?

Neural Cloud is a 3D cyber strategy game that’s like a prequel to Girls’ Frontline. Project Neural Cloud has been around since it landed in China in September 2021 and then went global in November 2022. If you’re into games that really make you think and plan out your moves, you’ll like Neural Cloud for sure.

Developed by Darkwinter Software, also known as Sunborn Games, it’s free to play. Neural Cloud is set in the same universe as Girls’ Frontline, so obviously most of the characters of the two games are the same. It has great anime art and a story that digs deeper into the characters’ world.

If you’re into mobile strategy games, grab the game from the App Store and check out  Neural Cloud Eos as well. And if you’re looking for new games, then check out our news on A Tiny Sticker Tale, A New Collect ‘Em All-Style Sticker Puzzler Drops On February 28!