New Among Us Update Brings Four New Roles, Out Now on App Store

The latest update for multiplayer who-is-it? smash hit Among Us has landed on the App Store. And it’s brought with it four brand new roles for players to try out in the deduction-based classic. There’s a bunch of other new content along for the ride as well.

There are three new roles for crewmates, and one for the impostor. The impostor can now become a shapeshifter, which allows them to take on the cosmetic appearance of any living crewmate. It’s going to throw a lot of delicious spanners in the works.

For crewmates, there’s the scientist – they can check vitals at any time and perform battery charging tasks, the engineer – they can go into vents, something only the impostor has been able to do up until now, and the guardian angel – they can protect surviving crewmates with a special shield.

Elsewhere in the update there’s a bunch of new cosmetic options for you to find and buy, and a new Cosmicube system that lets you unlock new goodies with the resources you find while you’re playing.

There are a bunch of other tweaks and additions as well, and you can find out about all of them by checking out the official Among Us website right here.

If you haven’t played Among Us yet, now seems as good a time as any to give the game a go. You can click here to download it from the App Store. It’s free with IAPs.