‘New Orbit’ Funding Now on Kickstarter


Did you – by any chance – happen to be a fan of New Orbit, the space exploration adventure – complete with realistic gravity, and 100% full voice acting – created by Markus Hofer? If you answered yes to my previous question, then you should be overjoyed to hear that Markus Hofer – now joined by two more people – are back once more to continue the New Orbit saga. This time around they have promised to bring far more story content – overflowing with gripping twists and turns – even more challenges to complete, plus a larger post-game sandbox segment.

c43429108d6178a0a20f326bf8673784_largeHowever – above all else – the most prominent of the newly promised features certainly has to be the new ship-customization system, which comes complete with revamped actual 3D graphics (complete with an optional cockpit view). No longer are players stuck with merely cruising about in a lowly escape pod, for now they can seek out scrap – and also salvage their fallen foes – in order to upgrade their ship’s structure. All of these parts will have varying energy needs – fuel storage capacities – and power throughput limits, allowing for ship building that is far more than just slapping components on at random.

While the game creating trio have already been hard at work for a while now, spending all of their own money in the process, they’ve finally hit that dreaded moment where they must find day jobs if they wish to continue eating. That’s where their recently launched Kickstarter – seeking to raise a grand total of $40,000 – comes into play, with the team having so far gathered a respectable 30% in their first nine days. However – even though they’re off to a good start so far – New Orbit 2 still have a long ways to go, and that’s why it’s important to chip-in if you happened to enjoy the previous chapter.

8fe256c01722b25a361a1649a7d3f5ef_largeRight now a $20 donation will secure copies of both episodes – new and old – on PC/MAC/Linux/Android, with the second chapter expected to arrive sometime around November 2014. I would like to point out that the developers – due to the rules dictating the iTunes Marketplace – currently can not offer the upcoming iOS version to their backers, although they are actively working to resolve this. Anyways, even more generous donors can obtain exclusive missions and components – a chance to help design gameplay facets – or even the honor of voicing a plot important character!

If this tale of interstellar intrigue – gravitational physics – and robust ship customization should happen to intrigue you, then be sure to keep in mind that the New Orbit Kickstarter will be ending on January 24th.