News etc. – Daisy Mae’s Breasts & The Rest

 iFanzine‘s take on the stories that are making headlines in the world of iDevice. This week: A duo of Final Fantasy games, Street Fighter IV taunts and teases, Apple versus boobies and (sock! pow!) two new superhero games.

Final Fantasies I and II arrive in the Appstore. The most misleadingly titled game ever and its sequel have finally made their way to iPhone and iPod Touch. The first two installments of the fantasy franchise that’s anything but final are available right now in New Zealand and Asia.

Street Fighter IV looks great and gets a rough release date: Ryu, Ken, Guile, Blanka, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, M. Bison, and Abel (phew!) will be kicking and punching their way onto iPhone early next month. Along with this eight strong character list Capcom have also confirmed customizable control schemes, bluetooth multiplayer and a $9.99 price tag.
Slidetoplay have had a hands-on shot at the game (lucky them!), check out the video below:
Apple’s Boob: Raunchy B-movie inspired romp Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet got yanked from the Appstore amid a ruthless cull of, ahem, adult apps. However Daisy bounced back a few days later still brandishing what just might now be the most notorious pair of bazookas this side of Miss Croft’s. Oooh, controversial!
Holding out for a hero? You’re in luck, because not one, but two spandex clad super-games are about to land. First up is Chillingo’s promising side-scroller, The Hero, and they’ve released another great trailer in anticipation:
An iPhone tie-in with the forthcoming “super” hero flick KickAss is also imminant. There are few details about the game as of yet, but if it maintains the ultra violent action and foul-mouthed humour of Mark Millar’s comic book it should most definately, er, kick ass.
In the meantime here’s the movie trailer: