News Flash — Mojo Bones Announces “The Curse”

Whoa, this is a Monday Surprise if there ever was one! We figured Mojo Bones would probably move on to a sequel to their splendid runner/puzzle/platformer Tongue Tied before anything else, but instead they’ve just whipped out the first teaser for a brand-new title! We still don’t know much about The Curse other than that it’s shaping up to be absolutely gorgeous, and what the developers have revealed in the press release. Without further ado, let’s pass that on to you:

“…The Curse is a story-driven puzzle game unlike any other, tasking players with solving the mystery of an ancient book in order to defeat the Master of Mischief himself: ‘The Mannequin.’ Each of the book’s 100 pages presents a unique puzzle to be overcome, ranging from cryptic riddles to fiendish trials of logic and skill.

Each puzzle has been designed to provide a unique challenge. Players will need to reveal hidden riddles, test their reflexes against the clock and flex their memory skills: all in hopes of unlocking the game’s ultimate test – the infamous ‘Puzzle 101.’

The Curse also introduces a mysterious adversary that must be defeated. Upon activating the book, players unwittingly free The Mannequin, an antagonist unlike any other and a worthy foe. Players will be drawn into the experience in exciting new ways, bridging the gap between game and reality. Be astounded as The Mannequin reads your mind, plays tricks on you, and invites you to take part in various challenges.

Will you be able to solve all 100 pages and banish The Mannequin back to the pages of the mysterious book? Will you be able to shake the curse and reveal the final challenge – the cryptic Puzzle 101? Only time will tell…”

The Curse will be available on iOS and Android but no price or release window have been announced yet. No word on the possibility of The Mannequin Halloween costumes yet either, but we’ll let you know if we hear back on that. Mojo Bones’ latest promises an experience suitable for all ages (with the exception of young children afraid of creepy masks, no doubt!), Game Center support, and a 1930s jazz-inspired soundtrack.

We can’t wait to find out more! Be sure to keep an eye on the developer’s website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. Also, don’t forget last year’s studio interview!