News Roundup: Win $1 Million by Playing This Game, More

Welcome to iFanzine’s new Weekly News Roundup, where we take a quick look at the most interesting iOS gaming-related stories of the week. This first installment includes: a snazzy new trailer for Morphite, info on Telltale’s upcoming slate of releases for 2017 and beyond, your chance to WIN A MILLION DOLLARS simply by playing a mobile game, and more!

‘Morphite’ Gets a Fantastic New Trailer

A stunning second trailer has landed for Morphite, Crescent Moon Games, We’re Five Games and Blowfish Studios’ hotly-anticipated No Man’s Sky-esque sci-fi adventure. And that’s not all! The game now also has a solid release date. It will arrive on iOS, Apple TV, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and Steam on September 7th. I’m excited. Are you excited?!


Telltale’s Batman Returns in August

Telltale recently announced their upcoming slate of new releases, which includes second seasons for Batman and The Wolf Among Us, and a third — and final — season of The Walking Dead. The first to premiere will be Batman: The Enemy Within on August 8th, while the other two should arrive sometime in 2018.


Win a Million Dollars by Playing This Game

Think you’re pretty good at endless runners? Well, here’s your chance to prove your skills to the world — and win some massive cash prizes doing it! Millionaires Run (out now, free) is a new endless runner with a weekly $1,000 prize for whoever tops the leaderboard. And there’s also a $1 million grand prize to play for, which will be awarded to one lucky player on New Year’s Eve!


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Teams up With Siri

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, aka the busiest man in Hollywood, is currently co-starring with Siri in Dominate the Day, an action-packed short movie designed to promote the digital assistant’s range of functions and Apple’s iPhone 7 handset. As ads go, it’s impressively big-budget and pretty funny. Check it out above.


‘Pokémon GO’ Fest Was an Unmitigated Disaster

The inaugural Pokémon GO Fest took place in Chicago’s Grant Park this past weekend, and by all accounts it was an absolute disaster. Long lines and serious connectivity issues left the 20,000 strong crowd in attendance fuming and booing throughout the event. You can check out a video recap of the whole fiasco above.