News Roundup: Is Tim Cook Already Rocking an iPhone 8?, More

Welcome to iFanzine’s new Weekly News Roundup, where we take a quick look at the most interesting Apple and iOS gaming-related stories of the week. Today’s installment includes: details on how to unlock a ManBearPig outfit in South Park: Phone Destroyer, a new rumor about how much the iPhone 8 will cost (hint: a lot), the photo of Tim Cook’s pocket bulge that’s causing Apple fans to lose their minds, and more!

Well, Here’s Another Stunning ‘Unlonely’ Poster

Another week, another stunning Unlonely poster courtesy of Rinikulous Games’ Nik Mihaylov. Assuming everything goes to plan, the game — which, if you haven’t already heard, features levels based on the very website you’re currently reading — will hit the App Store next month, on September 22. Not too much longer to wait! Are you guys excited yet???


‘Alto’s Odyssey’ Delayed Indefinitely 🙁

We covered this sad news when it broke a few days back, but for anyone who missed that article, here’s the deal: Snowman have delayed the release of Alto’s Odyssey indefinitely while they work on the “little touches” that will hopefully make it as magical as its predecessor, Alto’s Adventure. If you want to be notified when the game does eventually go live, you can sign up via e-mail at the link above.


The iPhone 8 Ain’t Gonna Be Cheap

The iPhone 8 is coming, and if rumors are to be believed, it’s going to be the most expensive iPhone yet. A new report from the New York Times indicates that the feature-laden handset will be priced at “around $999” when it releases later this year. That may seem exorbitantly pricey, but earlier rumors had actually pegged the starting price at $1,200 or more.

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Is Tim Cook Already Rocking an iPhone 8? Maybe…

Internet sleuths have scrutinized a recent photo of Tim Cook and come to the conclusion that the hefty bulge in the Apple CEO’s right-hand pants pocket — see the evidence above — just might be an iPhone 8! (It’s “too tall to be an iPhone 7 and too narrow to be a 7 Plus,” apparently.) If nothing else, this odd story proves that new iPhone excitement has well and truly hit fever pitch.

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Snag Yourself a Free ManBearPig Outfit

Now in soft launch on various countries’ App Stores, RedLynx and Ubisoft’s card-battling RPG South Park: Phone Destroyer seems set to go global soon. You can pre-register your interest in the game on Ubisoft’s official site, and get notified when it arrives on iOS. Plus you’ll receive an exclusive ManBearPig outfit as a thank you for going to the trouble of signing up. That’s a pretty sweet deal, right?

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