News Roundup: Apple Takes the Wraps off the New iPhone X, More

Welcome to iFanzine’s new Weekly News Roundup, where we take a quick look at the most interesting Apple and iOS gaming-related stories of the week. Today’s installment includes: Apple’s announcement of a bunch of shiny new iPhones, some absolutely spectacular gameplay footage of Morphite, a release date and new trailer for Into The Dead 2, and more!

iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Announced

At their recent event, Apple unveiled a trio of new, soon-to-be-released phones: the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. The latter inarguably stole the show thanks to it boasting an innovative design and a bevy of futuristic features, including an edge-to-edge OLED screen and revolutionary facial recognition technology. Unfortunately, but predictably, the iPhone X also comes with a wallet-busting price tag ($999) to match its status as Apple’s ultra top-end model.


This ‘Morphite’ Gameplay Footage Is out of This World

Footage of the first 12 or so minutes of Morphite has made its way online, and boy, does it look incredible. The video, which popped up on KickMyGeek’s Youtube channel recently, shows off the game’s opening cutscene, tutorial, and a decent chunk of exploration-focused gameplay. If you’re avoiding stuff like this so as to remain unspoiled, there’s not too much longer to wait — the game’s set to land on the App Store on September 20th.

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‘Sara and Death’ Dev Releases ‘Dodgelings’

Rocco Salvetti, the indie developer behind last year’s stunningly artsy puzzler Sara and Death, has returned to the App Store with Dodgelings, a zany same-device two-player game about evil turnips battling each other. As you can see in the above tweet, Rocco reckons Dodgelings will appeal most to “kids and drunk adults.” We here at iFanzine are very much looking forward to kicking back with a few beers and putting that claim to the test!


‘Into The Dead 2’ Gets an Official Release Date

On the heels of a successful soft launch in a handful of markets, PikPok has announced a worldwide release date for Into The Dead 2. The eagerly anticipated game will hit the App Store on October 13th and be free to download. An extremely well put together trailer (above) has also been unveiled, which highlights Into The Dead 2′s new story-based structure and shows off a smattering of locales, weapons and enemies from the game.

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