Newsflash: Puckerz! Free for a Day!

One of the year’s biggest breakout indie hits so far, Groundbreaking Games’ Puckerz!, is now available for free for a very limited time only! If you missed our glowing review of the game, shame on you, but here’s a quick synopsis anyhow:

“Good as the gameplay is, the real joy here is watching the explosive light show that ensues as your puck zaps about electroluminescent arenas, ricocheting off barriers and smashing destructible blocks into bazillions of vivid smithereens. Like an astonishing fireworks display or the audio/visual assault of a particularly hyperactive pinball machine, it’s a strangely hypnotic experience…A smashing debut. App Store newcomers Groundbreaking Games meld uber-polished visuals and sterling sound design with a beautifully simple concept to incredibly compelling effect. Puckerz! is an absolutely effortless recommendation.”

Check out for full details.