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Say Goodbye To Yuzuki As the NieR Reincarnation Shutdown Happening Soon

Square Enix is shutting down yet another title of theirs. This time, it’s NieR Reincarnation. Stylised as NieR Re[in]carnation, the servers will be shutting down on April 30, 2024. Keep reading to find out the reason behind the NieR Reincarnation shutdown.

Time To Say Goodbye, But Why?

Well, honestly, we don’t have the 411 on the NieR Reincarnation shutdown yet. The title is a part of the popular NieR franchise and had a good run for almost three years since its global release in July 2021. It made its debut in Japan in February of the same year.

To wrap things up nicely, Applibot and Square Enix have lined up a series of chapters, events and campaigns as well. The game’s calling it quits only after the final chapter that’s set to release on March 28, 2024. So, the game will run for a month following the release of The People and the World Act III: Transmigration (the final chapter).

You can keep an eye out for quests like Mama Point Missions, Countdown Resurrected Event Medal Exchange and Recollections of Dusk Quests for Argo (Frozen-Heart Adventurer). They will also be celebrating the Japanese 3rd Anniversary. So, gear up for a Countdown Campaign from February 1 to February 17 and the actual celebration event from February 17 to March 7. If you never gave the game a try, then now’s the time! Head to the App Store and check it out.

What’s Up With Square Enix?

Ironically, this is the fifth game that Square Enix is shutting down within just a couple of months. Last year, they shut down their other popular titles, including the Dragon Quest titles (Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai and Dragon Quest Tact). The list of shutdowns also includes Opera Omnia, Full Metal Alchemist Mobile and Engage Kill.

NieR Reincarnation shutdown is happening despite the title garnering good reviews for its unique storytelling in the gacha genre. I suppose one probable reason could be Square Enix gearing up for Ever Crisis, making it the main focus for the mobile gaming market.

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