Night Crows

Night Crows Is An Upcoming MMORPG Open For Pre-Ordering

The global pre-registration for Night Crows, an upcoming MMORPG has kicked off on iOS and Android. Published by Wemade and developed by MADNGINE, the title launched in South Korea in April 2023. Now, it’s gearing up for a global launch in April 2024.

They have some awesome goodies in store for those who pre-order the title! Get rare-grade Mounts and Gliders as pre-registration goodies. They’ve introduced a unique system called the SSS (Streamer Supporting System). It brings together players, streamers and supporters in a transparent support system. So, head to the App Store now and pre-order the title now.

What’s Night Crows About?

The RPG will take you back in time, to 13th-century Europe when magic still existed. You can battle on the land or in the sky using Gliders. Basically any and every medium is your battlefield. And it’s not just a simple battlefield. Gear up for intense large-scale battles featuring a whopping 1,000 players in vast fields.

Night Crows runs on Unreal Engine 5 with cross-play support between mobile and PC platforms. The title promises some great visuals with realistic light source illumination and top-notch graphics. It has four classes of characters including Swordman, Soldier, Knight and Royal Knight. Each class is further divided into two sub-classes for you to choose from.

For the global version of Night Crows, they’ve spiced things up with some blockchain tech like advanced tokenomics, NFTs and omnichain support. Basically, you can turn your characters into assets using NFTs and trade them across different blockchain networks all connected through WEMIX3.0.

Wemade also plans to drop the game on WEMIX PLAY, one of the biggest blockchain game platforms. If you want more details about the game and its features, check out the official website of Night Crows. Looking for an RPG with sexy girl squads? See What’s In Store For ArkRe:Code, The Strategy RPG, In 2024!