Goddess of Victory: Nikke poster for New Year New Sword event

Nikke New Year New Sword Offers A Prosperous Start To 2024!

In a major update for 2024, Shift Up has rolled out an entire patch for Goddess of Victory: Nikke. The upgrade introduces new events, characters, costumes, and more to the game.

The main event, New Year New Sword, drops today and will be running until January 11. Additionally, new packages will be available at the in-app store, alongside two extra mission passes. Players can also get one SSR Nikke of their choice with the New Year special Step Up Recruit event.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke New Year New Sword

New Year New Sword replaces the main storyline in the latest Nikke update. Its story revolves around Scarlet: Black Shadow, whom commanders meet at the Outpost during a New Year party. Scarlet sneaks into the Outpost to watch the sunrise and reveals memories of her sister.

Commanders can earn various event items by clearing different stages in the game. They can exchange these at the event shop for multiple in-game items, such as recruit vouchers and skill upgrades. The challenge mode in the main story will also be available during this period.

Moreover, the update introduces two side events that commanders can play to earn abundant rewards. With the New Days event, commanders can get advanced recruit vouchers and many in-game items for free by simply logging into the title daily. The New Year – Daily Bonus rewards players with special items when they complete daily missions in the main event.

New Year New Sword Characters and Recruits

The new character, Scarlet: Black Shadow, will be available in the Special Recruit as her banner goes live today, and stays on till January 18. She is an SSR attacker, using a rocket launcher, Fleetly Fading, as her weapon of choice.

Players can recruit Scarlet with gems or advanced recruit vouchers in the Special Recruit. They can also exchange 200 gold tickets to acquire her character at the Mileage Shop. Players obtain gold tickets for every summon in the Special Recruit. Scarlet will be available in the Ordinary Recruit and players can obtain her with mold items after January 18.

Alongside Scarlet: Black Shadow, SSR Modernia will also be available in the Special Recruit.

Additionally, the Step Up Recruit allows commanders to get one SSR Nikke of their choice and add her to their squad. This feature will be available from January 1 to January 11 and players must complete all four phases using only gems to recruit.

Moreover, players will receive a New Year SSR Selection Box that allows them to choose any Nikke of their choice except a select few.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke poster showing three of the characters celebrating with fireworks at a New Year's party.

Nikke New Year New Sword Costumes

The New Year New Sword update also brings new costumes and mission passes to this mobile RPG. Commanders can obtain special designs for Noise – Classic Diva, Guillotine – Dark Tracer, and Liter – Sunflower till January 18. You can check out the game’s official website for more details on the event.

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