The featured image for our Nikke Twitch Drops guide, featuring a promotional image from the game. The image features three characters, but focuses on one. The woman aims her gun to her right.

Nikke Twitch Drops (2023) Claim Your Rewards!

Are you wondering what the Nikke Twitch Drops are, and how you can redeem them? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll detail the latest drops, as well as how you can go about getting your hands on them.

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is a hugely popular gacha RPG available on iOS and Android. For more information about Nikke, check out the game’s official website. For more Nikke guides, check out our Nikke: Goddess of Victory tier list, as well as our Nikke: Goddess of Victory codes guide. If you’re looking for a new game to play, check out our Airship Knights codes guide.

Nikke Twitch Drops (2023)

We’ll now crack on with the guide. We’ll break it up into a few different sections to make processing it easier!

What’s In The Nikke Twitch Drops?

  • 15 Minutes – Credit Case (2H)
  • 30 Minutes – 150 Gems
  • 45 Minutes – 150 Gems (1 Wish)
  • 60 Minutes – 300 Gems (Extra Wish)

Nikke Twitch Drops Redemption

Redeeming Nikke Twitch Drops is relatively simple! Just follow the steps below…

  1. Go on the Twitch website, and sign in
  2. Start watching a channel that is streaming Nikke
  3. Select the drop-down box in the chat
  4. Go to your account and select “Drops and Rewards”
  5. Search for “Nikke drops”
  6. Select “Connect”
  7. You’ll be directed to the Nikke login page – login to your Nikke account in order to connect it to your Twitch account
  8. Select your Nikke server
  9. Go back to “Drops and Rewards”
  10. Select “claim” underneath each reward

About The Game

Goddess of Victory Nikke is an immersive sci-fi RPG shooter game, where you recruit and command various maidens to form a beautiful anime girl squad that specializes in wielding guns. Similar to other RPG titles, the game has a vast collection of characters.

Command and collect girls that have unique combat specialties to create your ultimate team! Experience next-level shooting action with simple yet intuitive controls while enjoying dynamic battle effects. On top of that, the game mechanics and controls are relatively easy to understand, especially if you’re an RPG enthusiast.