Ninja Platformer Shadow Blade+ Out Now for Apple Arcade

We’ve always been pretty big fans of Shadow Blade here at iFanzine. So you can imagine just how excited we are to see the game getting a new lease of life on Apple Arcade. That’s right, Shadow Blade+ is out on Apple’s gaming subscription service right now.

The game sees you taking control of a young ninja, then sneaking and fighting your way through a series of levels. There’s jumping, there’s slicing, there’s a gorgeous art-style and there’s the kind of action that just makes you grin.

There’s a decent level of challenge here, and extra points for working through a level in the stealthiest way possible. Shadow Blade is a classic of the mobile era, and getting a chance to play it afresh is very good news.

There are 40 levels to work your way through and a variety of ninja weapons to get to grips with. You’ll find secrets, engage in super-fluid combat and just generally have a lovely old time slashing your way through foes.

You can click here to download Shadow Blade+ from the App Store. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to play it. But this is definitely a game that makes paying that monthly fee even more enticing.