Dr. Mario World

Nintendo Shows Off Multiplayer Footage of Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World launches in a mere week on Android, and Nintendo is building up the hype by showing off more footage of the awesome puzzler.

The latest trailer details multiplayer. It showcases how you can check your friend’s progress and share items with each other to help you progress.

Dr. Mario World Features Real-Time PvP Between Friends

You can even participate in real-time PvP battles against a friend, which is awesome news. We can’t wait to try out that particular feature.

If you haven’t heard of this yet, Dr. Mario World is the latest iteration of the puzzler. It challenges you to defeat a bunch of viruses by matching them with the same coloured pills.

It launches July 10 on Android and you can pre-order it right now in the App Store to download it as soon as it’s available.