Noah’s Heart, the Ambitious Open-World MMORPG, Arrives on Mobile and PC

After a seemingly endless build-up, Noah’s Heart has landed. Launched on July 28th in North America and Europe, Noah’s Heart is one of the most hotly anticipated mobile games of 2022. If you’ve ever played Dragon Raja you’ll know exactly why. 

This follow-up from Archosaur and Famous Heart Limited is even more ambitious and visually impressive than its predecessor, meaning it’s set to become a new high benchmark in the world of mobile MMORPGs. 

For the uninitiated, Noah’s Heart is a sprawling RPG that takes place on a vast fantasy planet. 

Unlike most open-world games, this one really does let you go everywhere. You can even circumnavigate the virtual globe, traveling until you end up right back where you started.

En route you’ll pass through a variety of different regions and atmospheric conditions. There are wintry tundras, baking deserts, lush forests, peaceful villages, bustling cities, vast oceans, and more. 

You’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t have to cover this terrain on foot. There are ships to sail, horses to ride, and even jetpacks to strap yourself into. 

Gameplay-wise, Noah’s Heart starts you off with a choice of weapon. These weapons work pretty much like classes in other games, determining your strengths and abilities in combat. 

As the game goes on you’ll be able to customize your loadouts, unlocking all manner of options to help you tackle the threats Noah’s Heart throws your way. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle these threats alone. For one thing, there are Phantoms – ghostly assistants based on real-world historical figures. 

For another, you can join forces with other players to take on PvE dungeons, get into guild contests, and simply visit each others’ in-game houses like good neighbors. 

Archosaur is running a Discord server, too, where it promises to maintain a lively community through monster-naming contests and other fun, engaging initiatives. 

Noah’s Heart is shaping up to be a massive hit in 2022. You can get in on the ground by downloading it for free right now on iOS, Android, or PC – just click here.